Happenings Contact Information

HAPPENINGS of Port St. John, Inc.
600 Aloha Ave.
Port St. John FL 32927

Phone: (321) 633-7499

Email: happenings1@att.net

Submitting Artwork

If you would like to submit an article, information or a photo to Happenings, please observe the following formatting instructions:

Photos: jpg, pdf, tif, gif or psd.
Please make sure the resolution is 200 dpi or higher. If you must use 72 dpi, use a large image so that when the resolution is turned up, the image can be shrunk to avoid a grainy look.

Text: Please send text in the email, or Word, Microsoft Works, Notepad or Wordpad.

Pagemaking programs: Unless you are using InDesign, send the text and images separately or send as a pdf. Most program files will not be imported properly

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HAPPENINGS of Port St. John, Inc.
600 Aloha Avenue • Port St. John FL 32927

Phone (321) 633-7499
Email us at:

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